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A selection of some of Daisy's Accessory items.


"Hatstand and Mirror" (Ref. 65507) with original red beret that comes with the boxed set.

"Daisy's Boutique" - can clip together with Daisy's Shop (includes clothing pictured).

"Daisy's Hairdryer" - runs on batteries and blows cool air.

"Daisy's Bicycle" (Ref. 65903)


Daisy's typewriter came in the set "Career-Girl" (Ref. 65314) which also included TV, phone etc. The cover (top of pic) clips over the typewriter so it can be carried like a bag.

Rotating stand for Dashing Daisy Ice Queen

"Daisy's Food"

"Daisy's Sticker Book" - 24cm wide x 30.5cm high

"Daisy's Travelling Case" - room for a doll, clothing, a bar for hanging items, a mirror and shelving. 33.5cm wide x 26cm high x 6.5cm deep.

My 1979 "3-Style Daisy" had only fuzz for hair but three wigs - she is wearing "Star" (long blonde with fringe).

"Jolly Brolly" (Ref. 65353)


Daisy's House. Wikipedia describe it as: Daisy has her own house, a fold up country cottage with one room divided by a split level floor for the bedroom area, and a sloped roof, printed inside with windows and wallpaper and outside with stone walls, windows and greenery"