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Daisy's super agent cousin!

In 1976 Flair Toys issued a special doll using a Daisy mould with differently shaded features such as green eyes (with matching green eye shadow) and short straight hair with a flick curl.  She was called "Havoc, Super Agent", and the Dashing Daisy hands were used on this doll to enable her to hold a weapon.

She was deeply tanned with red painted lips and wore a navy blue catsuit with zip front, silver trim and white boots.  Her hair was shaded in both auburn and blonde.

Havoc is also 9" tall and has a fully poseable head, twisting waist and bendable arms and legs.


Miscellaneous Items - Blue Catsuit, Jacket, Top, Guns and Life Jacket.


Havoc's Motorbike (missing visor).


HAVOC in her navy blue catsuit with silver trim.